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Valentine’s Day, Wedding, Anniversary or Engagement Craft 

This is such a simple and beautiful project. The cost was around 10 dollars and It took less than 2 hours from start to finish. My little Natty Bug did the majority of the artwork. Give it a try!


  • Canvas (any size will do, I used 12X24)
  • Paint (I used a variety of acrylics)
  • Paintbrush, sponge or foam brush (we used foam brushes)
  • Tape (painters tape is what we used, but I am sure masking tape would work well too)
  • An artist (I chose Natlie, Age 6😊)

We got everything prepped and had fun! Egg cartons make amazing little paint palettes. It keeps the colors separated and you can toss in the trash when finished. Here are the step by steps:

pick your colors


tape off your word. make sure to smooth out over the canvas, you don’t want any paint leaking underneath it


let your kiddo go crazy! There really is no rhyme or reason to the painting of this. have fun and be creative!


let the paint dry for at least an hour or so, depending on how thick the paint was put on.


carefully peel off the tape (I used tweezers to get me started) Make sure to do this slowly, as to not rip off any dried paint around it.

And now you have a one of a kind piece! It’s really that simple. You can use any words (We chose LOVE for Valentine’s Day) and you can get creative and use premade letters for a “Fancier” look. Have fun with it! I would love to see some of your results, so please feel free to post and share.

Always find your patch of sun!


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  1. Anonymous

    You’re awesome!

    1. Anonymous

      Thank you!

      1. Nicole

        You’re welcome! So glad you enjoyed the post. Did you ever make it? I would love to see a pic of your artwork!

    2. Nicole

      Awwwww…Thanks! Much more to come!

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