How to Make Paper Plate Hats

I made these hats for my daughter’s 5th Birthday party. We had a Vintage Tea Party theme. They turned out super cute and everyone had a great time decorating them. I did this first one and had supplies for the kids to use. There were parents to help with the hot gluing of the decorations, along with some stickers for the smaller kiddos to use on their own.

Step 1: Start with a paper plate and bowl

how to make paper plate hats
Step 2: Cut out a circle in the plate

how to make paper plate hats2
Step 3:  Hot glue the bowl to the top of the plate.


Step 4:  Spray paint desired color(s)

how to make paper plate hats3



Step 5:  Decorate with ribbons, flowers and other things.

how to make paper plate hats4 how to make paper plate hats5
We really enjoyed making these! They added a nice fun element to the party and it was a great way to keep the kiddos busy.

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